Forestry Consulting & Forest Management

Northwest Pennsylvania • Northeast Ohio • Southwest New York

While markets may range, the work and dedication to the forestry craft from Laidlaw Forestry does not. We are a forestry consulting company who works with landowners in managing their property to improve it for timber, wildlife, aesthetics, and enjoyment. Our forest management coverage area is extensive with most of our work being in Northwest Pennsylvania, Northeast Ohio, and Southwest New York. We will travel throughout these states, depending on the job.

Consulting Foresters

The key thing to understand about a consulting forester is that a consulting forester does not work for a sawmill and does not purchase timber from landowners. A consulting forester should work only for the landowner and should be paid a commission of the sale or by some other terms as discussed between the landowner and the forester. If a person calls them a consulting forester but offers to buy your timber, then it could lead to a conflict of interest and divided loyalties.

At Laidlaw Forestry Inc, we only represent landowners and we do not attempt to purchase any timber. We strive to help the landowner meet their goals, but also maximize their income through the competitive bidding process of over 100 sawmills and timber buyers. When we provide timber appraisal estimates, they are based on what we believe the timber is worth from our professional knowledge of the various markets.

Special Forest Management Requests

As a forestry consulting company, we incorporate many special requests into our timber sales. One popular request is the use of horses in skidding the timber on relatively flat properties. The horses help cut down on the disturbance to the ground and usually result in less damage to residual trees. Other requests include clearing areas for food plots or installing a trail system to make the property more accessible for use following the sale.

Quality Forestry Service

We believe in building a good relationship with our clients and do our best to ensure that the property is managed to best fit our client’s goals and interests. Most of our forest management work is through word of mouth, so we recognize the value in listening to what our clients want to see done with their property. We then bring in our expertise to see that the landowner’s goals are met and maximum income is realized through good marketing.

The best way to help someone is to walk their property and decide what forest management service(s) will best fit their needs. Often we do not charge landowners for this brief consultation and guidance.

Laidlaw Forestry caters to any clients' needs and desires, regardless of size or scope of the project. No request is too small, and Ed works with every client to make sure that they are delivered with only the highest quality work, and no details are spared. If you're interested in working with consulting foresters at Laidlaw Forestry, Inc., get in touch with us today.


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